Life as a mum is sometimes messy…

There are never enough hours in the day to fit it all in. When you are already running on empty the last thing you need is a ridiculous diet plan or crazy workouts that sacrifice your sanity. SuperYummy puts you first. When you fall down, we catch you.

Stressed out Mummy to Superyummy!


Beat emotional eating

Super-short mummy friendly workouts

100% Kid approved mealplans

Daily coaching and support for super busy mum



“Mums are superheroes!”

Let’s be honest here though, between the mad dash of the school run, trying to make sure your kids are wearing all their uniform, packed lunches for the family, PE kits, book bags and after school clubs… it’s pretty amazing that your kids are fed, watered and at school on time every day.

Walk into my house at 10am on a Monday morning and the sink will be full of breakfast dishes, the beds unmade and wet towels thrown over rails and hooks in the bathroom.

My laundry basket is always full and there is always washing drying on every radiator in every room.

There are suspect tupperwares at the back of my fridge that I dare not open in case something gets me and my son’s breakfast may well have been a chocolate muffin and an apple…

I am a single mum, I work incredibly long hours and my son spends far too much time playing on my phone. I am not perfect.I don’t have time to go to classes, I can’t afford to buy all organic and do you really think I am going to spend my precious single hour of the week that I have all to myself, going to the gym..? Hell NO!

At least once a week I want to drown myself in a pool of chocolate and red wine but in the morning my jeans cry out in frustration, “For the love of God woman eat a salad!”

Yes I am SuperMummy, but my word it is stressful!



…and this is why I created SuperYummy


There are 3 things stopping you right now from ever getting to the body you want

These are the things you will learn in SuperYummy

  • How to get your body back without sacrificing your family time
  • Why running on empty is sabotaging your results and how to fix it
  • Guilt free workout plans and alternatives for “those days
  • Stress free family mealplans that help you get your goals
  • Stress management for busy mums
  • Bonus mp3 download to unwind kids before bed
  • Bonus mp3 download to switch off tired mums before bed

Superhero Wall

Each SuperYummy session is run inside a secret coaching group on facebook!

“Thank you!!! I cannot tell you how long it’s taken for it to click with me, I’ve tried every fad diet going and have to say this is the only thing I have stuck to because this is a lifestyle change... My husband is a PT and has great results with clients but we just don’t train well together... This has changed me so much - my energy, my attitude and most of all my waist! Big big thanks xxxxx”
Claire O’Meara
Before-After SuperYummy
“The thing I love about SuperYummy is that I can easily fit it in around 2 young children and starting back to work. Finding something that works around a busy family life without adding more stress is what makes SuperYummy ideal for me!”
Lisa Pearce
“Life with twins is pretty hectic and getting to a gym or classes on a regular basis is neither practical or doable! SuperYummy works for mums and there is always help on hand, especially for those days where you feel like nothing is going to plan! This programme has seen me through from pre-pregnancy, all the way through my pregnancy and now life with twins. It really does fit in with my chaotic life!”
Jenni Clark
“I have never liked my body or been comfortable with how I look. I have trained with Phoenix for coming up to 4 years now and I can honestly say this programme has helped me finally make peace with it all. I don’t have the ups and down with food anymore and my training is always consistent. I am really happy with my body now... I never would have believed that was possible before. Thank you SuperYummy xxx”
Sarah Dobson